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Author's personal copy Benzofuran-terminated infrared dyes and their electro-optic properties in guest–host polymers

Antibody Immobilization on Waveguides Using aFlow–Through System Shows Improved Listeria monocytogenesDetection in an Automated Fiber Optic Biosensor: RAPTORTM

Transmission of a broadband light through a fiber optic loop: effect of nonlinear refractive index

Continuous-wave operation of photonic band-edge laser near 1.55 µm on silicon wafer

Ultra-fast nonlinear response around 1.5 μm in 2D AlGaAs/AlOx photonic crystal


Free Fiber-Optic Systems (Wiley Series in Telecommunications and Signal Processing) | Download file

Basic fibroblast growth factor applied to the optic nerve after injury increases long‐term cell survival in the frog retina

Fabrication of two-dimensional photonic crystal waveguides at 1.5 μm in silicon by deep anisotropic dry etching

Fiber-optic Singlet Oxygen [1O2 (1Δg)] Generator Device Serving as a Point Selective Sterilizer

Negative refraction in Photonic Crystals: thickness dependence and Pendellösung phenomenon

Pendellösung effect in photonic crystals

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