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AHKAM HADİS KİTAPLARINDAKİ BÖLÜM BAŞLIKLARININ ŞEKİLLENMESİ VE SEBEPLERİ/Formation and Causes of Section Titles in the Books of Hadith of Judgment

“Bloom’s Taxonomy, Critical Thinking, and the Rhetoric of Judgment”

Entangling and disentangling realism and wave function. Essay Review of “The Wave Function. Essays on the metaphysics of quantum mechanics”, edited by Alyssa Ney and David Z. Albert.

Shame, de-subjectivation and passivity – on the metaphysics of the Self in Levinas and Agamben

Beauty as an Encounter between Freedom and Nature: A Romantic Interpretation of Kant’s Critique of Judgment

Free Persons and Causes: The Metaphysics of Free Will Timothy O Connor Download file

»A kőkorszak metafizikája« és a »szép új világ«: Herbert Hart a jog emberképéről [‘The metaphysics of the stone age’ and the ‘brave new world’: Hart on the law’s view of man]

“Walcott’s Metaphysics of Nature

Review of André Gallois's Occasions of Identity: The Metaphysics of Persistence, Change,and Sameness

Between “Metaphysics of the Stone Age” and the “Brave New World”: H.L.A. Hart on the Law’s Assumptions about Human Nature

From the “metaphysics of the individual” to the critique of society: on the practical significance of Michel Henry’s phenomenology of life

“The Comedy of Errors, Haecceity, and the Metaphysics of Individuation” (Christopher Crosbie)

About the Storm in the Teacup: C. S. Peirce, U. Eco and semiotic metaphysics of objects (O jedné bouři v čajovém hrnku: Ch. S. Peirce, U. Eco a sémiotická metafyzika objektů

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