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“Translators from Greek into Arabic at the Court of Mehmet the Conqueror” in A. Ödekan, N. Necipoǧlu, E. Akyürek, eds., The Byzantine Court: Source of Power and Culture (Istanbul: Koç University Press, 2013), 195–207.

literary history into historian sources تاریخ ادبیات در تاریخ

إيران النووية: مدعاة للاستقرار أم نذير كارثة Nuclear Iran, A: Promoting Stability or Courting Disaster? (Translate into Arabic)

“Fascinated by Josippon: Four translations into the vernacular by Hans Schwyntzer, Georg Wolff, Peter Morwen, and James Howell,“ Workshop on the Receoption of Josephus by Jews and Christians, Oxford, January, 2013.

Dimitri Gutas, “The Study of Arabic Philosophy in the Twentieth century: an Essay in the Historiography of Arabic Philosophy”, (translated into Arabic)

J. L. Kraemer, “A lost Passage from Philoponus’ Contra Aristotelem in Arabic Translation” (translated into Arabic)

Kulturna transpozicija u direktnim književnim i neknjiževnim prevodima sa arapskog i sa jezika-posrednika – prilog proučavanju / An investigation of cultural transposition in direct and indirect literary and non-literary translations from A

Richard M. Frank, “Moral Obligation in Classical Islamic Theology”, (translated into Arabic)

Talento, Serena (2014). “Consecration, Deconsecration, and Reconsecration: The Shifting Role of Literary Translation into Swahili.” In Translators Have Their Say?: Translation and the Power of Agency, ed. by Abdel-Wahab Khalifa. Zürich: LIT

The Arab translation students’ hindrances in translating political culture from English into Arabic

Robert G. Morrison, “ Natural Theology and the Qur'an,” (translated into Arabic)

シリア語からアラビア語、そしてアラビア語からシリア語へ (From Syriac into Arabic and from Arabic into Syriac, Oriental Culture 87 (2007) [in Japanese but with some Syriac texts]

Reseña de Studia graeco-arabiga 5. The Journal of the Project Greek into Arabic.pdf

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