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Accelerated restructuring in rural China fueled by ‘increasing vs. decreasing balance’ land-use policy for dealing with hollowed villages

Land use Planning and Water Resources Management for a Sustainable Development Planifikimi i përdorimit të tokës dhe manaxhimi i burimeve ujore për një zhvillim të qendrueshëm

Locally unwanted land use’ movements: the role of left-wing parties and groups in trans-territorial conflicts in Italy

Rösch M, Kleinmann A, Lechterbeck J, Wick L (2014) Botanical off-site and on-site data as indicators of different land use systems: a discussion with examples from Southwest Germany. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 23, Supp. 1, 121-133.

Case Study Areas Košťálkov, Klein Taxen: Change of Land Use Patterns 1823–2003

Legal Geographies—Controlling Sexually Oriented Businesses: Law, Licensing, and the Geographies of a Controversial Land Use

Remote sensing for mapping and monitoring land-cover and land-use change—an introduction

Contenido de carbono en la biomasa aérea en diferentes sistemas de uso de suelo, en el matorral espinoso tamaulipeco, Carbon content in the aboveground biomass in different land use systems in the tamaulipan thornscrub

Soil mesofauna in differents systems of land use soil in Upper River Solimões, AM, Brazil

Berlin´s Land Use (1994-2009) and Industrial Master Plan (2010-2020)

Indicators for multifunctional land use—Linking socio-economic requirements with landscape potentials

Land use regulations and property values: The “Windfalls Capture” Idea Revisited

Chýlová & Münzbergová Z. (2008): Past land use co-determines present distribution of dry grassland plant species. – Preslia 80: 183-198.

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