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Elicited Imitation in L2 Chinese Pedagogy and its Future Directions [模仿重述在中文教学的运用及未来发展方向]


Sánchez, P., et al. (2014). Digitizing El Laberinto: Integrating technology and culture for the 21st century. In B. B. Flores, O. Vásquez, & E. R. Clark (Eds.), Generating Transworld Pedagogy: Reimagining La Clase Mágica, pp. 81-98. L

WP241 Soto & Pérez-Milans 2018. Language, neoliberalism, and the commodification of pedagogy

 It is not possible to fulfil our professional commitment to treating all young people fairly and to giving them all the best possible start in life as long as practices such as school organisation, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment continue

Pendulums, Pedagogy, and Matter: Lessons from the Editing of Newton’s Principia

Firth, R. (2014) “Critical Cartography as Anarchist Method? Utopian Extrapolation and Pedagogy” Interface: A journal by and for Social Movements 6: 1 special issue on pedagogy and social movements, pp. 156-184

The association between mathematics pedagogy and learners’ dispositions for university study

Ah, but the whiteys love to talk about themselves’: discomfort as a pedagogy for change

Community Psychology is for Poor, Black People”: Pedagogy and Teaching of Community Psychology in South Africa

‘Facts are tenacious’-interweaving power pedagogy in social capital theory to galvanise participatory development: A critique

Mayer R.V. Research of didactic systems with use of methods of computer modelling // Psychology, sociology and pedagogy. – July 2014. - № 7 [Electronic journal]. URL:

İsmayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu: Bir Ömür Pedagoji / İsmayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu: A Life Devoted to Pedagogy / FİLİZ MEŞECİ GIORGETTI

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