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研究概要(Japanese language summary)

エンゲルベルト・ケンペルからみた日本語 [The Japanese Language as Seen by Engelbert Kaempfer]

‘GLBTIQ teachers in Australian education policy: protections, suspicions, restrictions.’

メキシコにおける日本語学習者の特性-ビリーフ調査結果を中心に-Consideration on Characteristics of Japanese-Language Learners in Mexico - Regarding the Survey Results of Their Learning Beliefs -

Kebel Marin Fleites Master´s Thesis for the Master Program in International Welfare and Health Policy Three Views of the Cuban Education Policy: A comparative study of policy deterioration

The Politics of Education Policy Borrowing and Lending: A Study of the ‘Jordan Model’ of Knowledge Economy Reforms

Considerations on Japanese-Language Learners' Beliefs in the Universities of the Philippine Manila Metropolitan Area -From a Viewpoint of the Historical-Social Background- / フィリピン・マニラ首都圏の大学における日本語学

From Education Policy to Class Practices: Indonesian Secondary EFL Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Developing School-Based EFL Syllabi

International education policy transfer – borrowing both ways: the Hong Kong and England experience

Conference Proceedings: Gulf Comparative Education Society’s Fifth Annual Symposium on Locating the National in the International: Comparative Perspectives on Language, Identity, Policy, and Practice

WP146 Pérez-Milans 2015. Language Education Policy in Late Modernity: (Socio)linguistic ethnographies in the European Union

The Modes of Governmentality in Language Education: Blog Activities in a Japanese-as-a-Foreign-Language Classroom. In Interactive Media Use and Youth: Learning, Knowledge Exchange and Behavior. Elza Dunkels, Gun-Marie Frånberg and Camilla Häll

Beginning of the Japanese Language Education in the Ottoman Empire /Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nda Japonca Eğitiminin Başlangıcı pdf

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