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Orta Çağ Yahudi Dünyasında İslam Algısı (Islam in Medieval Jewish Thought)

Radioactive Waste Repository at Heritage Site? Nuclear Misadventure at India’s Western Ghats The Grand Burial Ground in a UNESCO heritage Site. In Idukki- Theni portion of the Western Ghats

1994, “Hanbalite Islam in 12th-13th Century Jabal Nablus and Jabal Qasyun,” Studia Islamica 79:103-120.

Spencer, Sarah Busse. 2004. “Globalization in Siberia: Novosibirsk and the Role of Place.” Pp. 128-147 in Russian Transformations, edited by Leo McCann, London: RoutledgeCurzon Press.

İslam'ın Dirilişi

Götz Nordbruch and Umar Ryad "Introduction: Toward a Transnational History of Islam and Muslims in Interwar Europe". In Götz Nordbruch and Umar Ryad (eds.), Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe: Muslim Activists and Thinker

Jesuits and Islam in Seventeenth-Century Europe: War, Preaching and Conversions, in L’islam visto da occidente. Cultura e religione del Seicento europeo di fronte all’Islam, eds. Bernard Heyberger, Mercedes García-Arenal, Emanuele Colombo,

“Le Labyrinthe du monde de Marguerite Yourcenar, testament pour une généalogie universelle”, 16 p., in Transmission et héritage dans l’écriture contemporaine de soi, études réunies par Béatrice Jongy et Annette Keilhauer, Presses Un

Minority Participation in the Public Sphere – A Critical Analysis of Claim-Making on Muslim Rights and Islam in Swedish News Media

Gesù figlio di Maria, servo di Dio, profeta dell’Islam, in Chi dite che io sia? Gesù nel suo e nel nostro tempo, Gallio, Ferrara 2007, p. 253-270.

Gerald J. Blidstein, “The Status of Islam in Maimonidean Halakha,” in Menachem Mautner, et al., eds., Multiculturalism in a Democratic and Jewish State: The Ariel Rosen-Zvi Memorial Book (Ramot: Tel-Aviv University, 1998), 465-476 (Hebrew)

İslam'ın İlk Referandumda Evet Kampanyasına Alet Edilmesi

News Best Books Lost in Siberia: My Education in the Former Soviet Union by Vivian Leskes Unlimited

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