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Development of 3D-QSAR models in cyclic ureidobenzenesulfonamides: human β 3Adrenergic receptor agonist

Le Hénaff, C., Jameau, A., Gruson, B., Boilevin, J.-M., & Thépenier, L. (2017). Teaching chemistry in English as a foreign language, a case study. Communication présentée au colloque international European Conference on Educational R

Mapas Conceituais como Forma de Verificar a Aprendizagem Significativa de uma Sequência Didática de Química Conceptual Maps as a way to verify the meaning learning in a chemistry didactical sequence

Facile Decoration of Functionalized Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Phthalocyanines via “Click Chemistry

Origin and diamond prospectivity of Mesoproterozoic kimberlites from the Narayanpet field, Eastern Dharwar Craton, southern India: insights from groundmass mineralogy, bulk‐chemistry and perovskite oxybarometry

Preparation and preliminary bioevaluation of 99mTc(CO) 3-11β-progesterone derivative prepared via click chemistry route

Phospholipid monolayers studied by a combination of cyclic voltammetry and Langmuir techniques at the water ∣ 1,2-dichloroethane interface

Reflections on the chemistry of the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis

Fursov V.N. Japan: experience of application of biological control of pests and weeds in plant protection // Journal "Chemistry. Agronomy. Service" ("Chimia. Agronomia. Servis", Kyiv, Ukraine). – 2010. –

It’s all about Chemistry: From Analytic Psychology to Neuroscience

The potential of non-aqueous redox flow batteries as fast-charging capable energy storage solutions: demonstration with an iron–chromium acetylacetonate chemistry

ChemInform Abstract: Chemistry of Nitro Compounds. Part 9. Trimethylsilylnitrate-Chromium Trioxide and Trimethylsilylnitrate-DMSO: Novel Reagent Systems for One Step Conversion of Olefins into α-Nitro Ketones and Cyclic Ethers into Lactones

Syntheses and characterization of cyano-bridged homo and hetero bimetallic complexes containing η5 and η6-cyclic hydrocarbons

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