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Levels and spatial distribution of chlorophenols – 2,4Dichlorophenol, 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, and pentachlorophenol in surface water of China

Occurrence and distribution of organochlorine pesticides – lindane, p, p′DDT, and heptachlor epoxide – in surface water of China

Hydrochemical characterisation of ground and surface water at Dörtyol/Hatay/Turkey

Micellization and surface activity of Triton X-100 in water–orthophosphoric medium

Carbon and water relations of Salix monticola in response to winter browsing and changes in surface water hydrology: an isotopic study using δ 13 C and δ 18 O

90Sr, 137Cs and 239,240Pu concentration surface water time series in the Pacific and Indian Oceans – WOMARS results

Environmental Isotopic characterization of groundwater and surface water in northeast Missan province, South of Iraq” by Hussein Badr Ghalib

Measuring methods for groundwater – surface water interactions: a review

The role of alluvial valley deposits in groundwater–surface water exchange in a Chalk river

Drivers of contaminant levels in surface water of China during 2000–2030: Relative importance for illustrative home and personal care product chemicals

Development and verification of a 3-D integrated surface water–groundwater model

Human alteration of groundwater–surface water interactions (Sagittario River, Central Italy): implication for flow regime, contaminant fate and invertebrate response

Quantification of surface water and groundwater flows to open‐and closed‐basin lakes in a headwaters watershed using a descriptive oxygen stable isotope model

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