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Filiciak, Mirosław, Paweł Mazurek, Katarzyna Growiec (2013) The use of media and social divisions. Poles’ media competences from a relational perspective, Warszawa: Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska.

Hughes, David. The Hack’s Tale: Hunting the Makers of Media: Chaucer, Froissart, Boccaccio. Reviewed in Heliotropia: An online journal of Boccaccio studies published by Brown University, 2004.

The Role of Media Communications in Developing Tourism Policy and Cross‐Cultural Communication for Peace, Security for Sustainable Tourism Industry in Africa

Cloning, characterization ofPichia etchellsii β-glucosidase II and effect of media composition and feeding strategy on its production in a bioreactor

媒介专业主义的悖论 (The Paradox of Media Professionalism)

The Genealogy of Scribal Versions: A œFourth Way in Medieval Editorial Theory

“NGOs and the ‘modernization’ and ‘democratization’’ of media

媒體世界 (The World of Media) (2000)

“The Genealogy of Leonardo’s Shadows in a Drapery Study”, in Renaissance Studies in Honor of Joseph Connors, ed. Machtelt Israel and Louis Waldman, Villa I Tatti Series, no. 29 (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 2013), pp. 267-273, 840-

Encouraging Entrepreneurship In Disruptive Environments -- The Case Of “Media Entrepreneurs“

Aplicación del Escalamiento Multidimensional (MDS) al análisis del discurso mediático. El caso de la cobertura periodística a los ‘escraches’ // Application of Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) to the analysis of media discourse. The case o

From ‘The Freud Squad’ to ‘The Good Freud Guide’: A genealogy of media images of psychoanalysis and reflections on their role in the public imagination

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