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Memories of ethnic cleansing and the local Iron Curtain in the Czech–German borderlands, Nationalities Papers : The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity 42 (2), 2014: 199-222..

“Achaemenids, Royal Power and Persian Ethnicity.” In J. McInerney, ed., A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean. Wiley-Blackwell (2014) 175-93.

Migration, ethnicity and the ‘social determinants of health’ agenda

Fragmentation, Negotiation and Ethnicity in Barbara Nadel’s Inspector Ikmen Series

Deconstructing Anglo-Saxon Archaeology. A Critical Enquiry into the Study of Ethnicity in Lowland Britain in Late Antiquity (c. 350–600) (Summary)

An Evaluation of Ethnicity Research in Developmental Psychology: Critiques and Recommendations Key Words Developmental psychology · Ethnicity and power · Political implication of ethnic theories

<<Unlimited>> Ebook The Convergence of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Multiple Identities in Counseling -> Tracy Lynn Robinson-Wood E-book full

Qurʾānic ummī: Genealogy, Ethnicity, and the Foundation of a New Community (Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 43, 2016, pp. 1-60)

Ethnicity in Lithuanian emigrants’ public letters ‘the easiest choice’ or ‘the search of normality’? discourses of economic migration since EU accession and their constructions of ethnicity and national identity

Diversity and similarity beyond ethnicity: migrants’ material practices

Muzzas’ and ‘Old Skool Ravers’: Ethnicity, drugs and the changing face of Melbourne's dance party/club scene

Religion, Ethnicity and Group Identity: Irish Adolescents’ Views

Pure Ethnicity in Hybridization: A Returnee’s Quest for Chineseness in “Love in a Fallen City”

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