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'Foreign books' in Arabic literature: discourses on books, knowledge and ethnicity in the writings of al-Jāḥiẓ

Food and Ethnicity at Kültepe-Kanesh: Preliminary Zooarchaeological Evidence

«Ethnic Nationalism in the Cold War Context: The Cyprus issue in the Greek and Greek-American public debate 1954-1989», in Philip Muehlenbeck(ed.), Race, Ethnicity and the Cold War: A Global Perspective

What's in a face?’ The role of doctor ethnicity, age and gender in the formation of patients’ judgements: an experimental study

Mathematics students’ aspirations for higher education: class, ethnicity, gender and interpretative repertoire styles

Transnational migration and urban informality: Ethnicity in Buenos Aires’ informal settlements

L’ethnicité à l’épreuve du quotidien. Ethnographie d’une équipe de baseball lycéenne à Taïwan (Everyday Life as a Challenge to Ethnicity. Ethnography of a Senior High School Baseball Team in Taiwan)

Díaz-Andreu, M. 1998. Ethnicity and Iberians. The archaeological crossroads between perception and material culture. European Journal of Archaeology 1(2): 199-218.

“The researcher of ethnicity in Poland – dilemmas and challenges”,

“Ethnicity and Musical Identity in the Lyric Landscape of Early Cyprus”, Greek and Roman Musical Studies 2 (2014), 146–76.

Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity in the Stereotypical Construction of Ț. Slaves in the Romanian lands, 1385-1848

Briscoe, F. & Khalifa M. (2013). ‘That racism thing:’ A critical discourse analysis of a conflict over the proposed closure of a Black high school, Race, Ethnicity, & Education. pp. 1-25 l

Health Disparities in the United States: Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Health [FREE]

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