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The Myth of Enlightenment in Pre-Independence New Grenada. José Celestino Mutis´and Alexander Von Humboldt Encounter in 1801.

The Tree of Enlightenment: An introduction to the major traditions of Buddhism / ต้นไม้แห่งโพธิ : คำสอนพื้นฐานแห่งพระพุทธศาสนา มหายาน วัชรย

Jesus Christ the Centre of Metaphysics. Part Two: “Jesus is Lord of philosophy”

How Zen Became Zen: The Dispute over Enlightenment and the Formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-Dynasty China - By Morten Schlütter

Things are the same as their “essences”? Notes on Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z-6

al-Āmidī and Ibn Sīnā's Metaphysics

Legends and Facts – The Apostles' Creed between Renaissance Humanism and the Enlightenment

Changing interpretations of Shari’a, ‘Urf and Qanun An anthropologically grounded overview of Islamic encounters with the post- enlightenment premises of European Family Law

Men of letters between profession and vocation in the eighteenth-century Habsburg Monarchy. In: H. Heppner, P. Urbanitsch. R. Zedinger (Eds.), Social Change in the Habsburg Monarchy: The Era of Enlightenment (Bohum 2011) S.251–266.

Zakharine, Dmitri [Захарьин, Дмитрий]: 1998, Enlightenment and the Reglementation of Verbal and Non-Verbal Behaviour (orig. " Просветительские регламенты речевого и неречевого

Tübingen Metaphysics Workshop 2013. Existence, Truth and Fundamentality

From Empathy to Estrangement, from Enlightenment to Implication A Pedagogical Framework for (Re) Reading Literary Desire against the “Slow Acculturation of Imperialism”

Nicholas Steno’s way from experience to faith: Geological evolution and the original sin of mankind; in: Gary D. Rosenberg (Hg.): The Revolution in Geology from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (GSA Memoir; 203), Boulder, CO 2009, S. 179-1

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