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International PhD Students' Conference „Revolutions and Upheavals in History“ - Zagreb, 4-5 May, 2018

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Porters in the Angolan nationalist war (1961-1974)’, in: Jan-Bart Gewald and Iva Pesa (eds), Magnifying perspectives: contributions to history: a Festschrift for Robert Ross. 232-253. Leiden, ASC 2017.

Black Ships and Sea Raiders: History, Archaeology, and Odyssey in the Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Transition

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Refugees on routes. Congo/Zaire and the war in Northern Angola (1961-1974),’ in: Beatrix Heintze and Achim von Oppen (eds.), Angola on the move. Transport routes, communications and history (Frankfurt/M: Lembeck Verlag 2008) p

History_of_Iran_during_the_1320s_1941s_C.pdf/ مجموعه گفتارها؛ تاریخ دهه بیست و نهضت ملی ایران

Scenes From the Plains of Ākkā The History and Politics of the MB Western Galilee (Undergraduate Honors Thesis in History and Archaeology)

THE BIBLE IN THE ISLAMIC HISTORY BOOKS BETWEEN THE 8TH AND THE 14TH CENTURY صحف المسيحيين في كتب المؤرخين المسلمين الأقدمين من العرب والأعجمين

Poster: Zypern im Netz. Ostmediterrane Verflechtungen zwischen der Spätbronze- und Früheisenzeit anhand zyprischer und zyprisierender Keramik [Research Day - Faculty of History (Ruhr-University Bochum) in May 2018]

A history of innovation TODAY  WE THINK DIFFERENTLY

A history of innovation TODAY  WE THINK DIFFERENTLY

“Polish-Jewish Discourse in Art History: Standpoints, Objectives, Methodologies,” Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art 13 (2017): 39–48.

Family history may be misleading in the diagnosis of Dent’s disease

Read Capital and Interest (Large Print Edition): A Critical History of Economical Theory - Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk [PDF Free Download]

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