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The Cheonan Incident and East Asian Community Debate: North Korea’s Place in the Region

“Building a Dharma Transmission Monastery in Seventeenth-Century China: The Case of Mount Huangbo,” Journal of East Asian History 31 (June 2006): 29-52. 23 pages.

Instructional Design and Quality: Learning Strategies for the Course Plan and Formative Activities—A Practical Case of the Program of East Asian Studies (co-authored with Anna Busquets Alemany). International Journal of Knowledge Society Resea

1. Huang, Chun-chieh 黃俊傑, (ed.): The Study of East Asian Confucianism: Retrospect and Prospect (東亞儒學研究的回顧與展望) (Jana S. Rošker)

コータン地區ドモコ發見トプルクトン1號佛寺と瞿摩帝寺傳説 (Toplukdong Temple no. 1 in Domoko (Khotan) and the legend of Gomatī monastery), in 高田時雄教授退職記念東方學研究論集. East Asian Studies. Fest

Ebooks download Biomedicine Review: A Review Manual, Test Prep and Study Guide for Acupuncturists and East Asian Medicine Practitioners For Free

“Economic Development in the East Asian (Semi)Periphery: Reintroducing dependency as a conceptual tool of analysis”, in Owen Worth and Phoebe Moore, Globalization and the New Semi-Peripheries of the 21st century, London: Palgrave

Review of East Asian Screen Industries, by Darrell William Davis and Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh. Trans. Qin Liyan. Film Art (电影艺术) 4 (2009): 150.

From Ethnography to Theology ― Religious Communities in Contemporary Shanghai and the Tasks of East Asian Theology ―

“the healthiest place along the East Asian coast”. Discourses of hygiene and the geography of power in Tsingtau, China, from 1897 to 1914.

Ine no Daito¯ akyo¯ eiken: Teikoku Nihon no ‘Midori no kakumei’ 稲の大東亜共栄圏: 帝国日本の〈緑 の革命〉(“Great East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere of Rice: the ‘Green Revolution’ in Imperial Japan”). By Fujihara Ta

“Diaspora Literature,” in The Columbia Companion of Modern East Asian Literature, ed. by Joshua Mostow. Columbia University Press, 2003. 546-53

[READ] The Columbia Companion to Modern East Asian Literature PDF - KINDLE - EPUB - MOBI #book

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