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The lexicon and syntax of equative/similative constructions in Early Chinese in a cross-linguistic perspective: typology, etymology, and the ‘morphology of ideas’

“Rethinking the State: Family Strategies and State Formation in Early Modern Tu scany,” Social History, 2 (1995): 157-178. Chinese translation andreprinted in Family and Society, Guogang Zhang, ed., Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2010,

Problems of attribution, chronology and appraisal in Chinese lyric poetry: six early tz’u written by Li Ch’ing-chao / Проблемы атрибуции, хронологии и оценивания в китайской лирике: на

Eleven Hypotheses on the Characteristics and Systematic of Early Chinese Chronomancy (RISHU)/ Elf Thesen zur Eigenart und Systematik früher chinesischer Chronomantik (RISHU)

“Living in the Same House” Ritual Principles in Early Chinese Reflections on Mourning Garments

晚明子學入制義考 (“The study of early Chinese philosophers and civil service examination in late Ming”)

“Did Babylonian Astrology Influence Early Chinese Astral Prognostication xīng zhàn shù 星占術?”

[+]The best book of the month Battles, Betrayals, and Brotherhood: Early Chinese Plays on the Three Kingdoms [READ]

Which Books Did the First Emperor of Ch'in 秦始皇 Burn? On the Meaning of Pai Chia 百家 in Early Chinese Sources

Complexification” in Early Chinese Writing

FREE DOWNLOAD Early Chinese Jades in the Harvard Art Museums Audiobook Streaming| Early Chinese Jades in the Harvard Art Museums

The Use of CHANT Database in early Chinese Studies 資料庫之利用與學術研究

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