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Lila Abu-Lughod’s Contribution to the Feminist Debate in the Arab World

2011 - ENG - Péczeli - Panorama of Global Security Environment - The Wave of Revolutions in the Arab World - A New Turning Point in the American-Saudi Relations

Cerami C. (2013), “Rethinking Turkey’s Soft Power in the Arab World: Islam, Secularism, and Democracy”, in Journal of Levantine Studies (JLS), Vol. 3, N. 2, Winter 2013, pp. 129 – 150, ISSN: 2222 – 9981.

Human rights in the Arab world: From people’s uprisings to Islamist theocracy

Review of “Comparative Literature in the Arab World: An Overview”

ندوة: مستقبل دراسة حركات الاسلام السياسي في العالم العربي The Future of Political Islam Movements Studies in the Arab World After the Arab Spring

S. Hanafi, N. Benghabrat and M. Mustapha (Eds.). The future of the social science in the Arab World. Beirut: Center for the Arab Unity Studies. "مستقبل علم الاجتماع والأنثربولوجيا في الوطن العر

الأشراك المعقّدة لسوسيولوجيا العموم: في الوطن العربي: دراسة تجربة “Complex Entanglements of Public Sociology in the Arab World: un experience”. S. Hanafi, N. Benghabrat and M. Mustapha (


The Counter‐Power of Civil Society and the Emergence of a New Political Imaginary in the Arab World

“An administrator's nightmare: feuding families in nineteenth century Bahariya Oasis.” In: Legal Pluralism in the Arab World. Ed. by B. Dupret, M. Berger e.a. Den Haag: Kluwer Law International, 1999, pp. 135-145

[GIFT IDEAS] The Rentier State: 002 (Nation, State and Integration in the Arab World, Vol 2) by

“The Questionable Nature of Sovereignty in the Arab World,” book review of Gokhan Bacik’s Hybrid Sovereignty in the Arab Middle East: The Cases of Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq (2008)

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