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Díaz-Andreu, M. 1998. Ethnicity and Iberians. The archaeological crossroads between perception and material culture. European Journal of Archaeology 1(2): 199-218.

Odsevi materialne kulture v šaljivih in zabavljivih ljudskih pesmih Štrekljeve zbirke / Reflections of the Material Culture in the Humorous and Mocking Songs From Karel Štrekelj’s Collection

COMUNICAÇÃO E CULTURA ORGANIZACIONAL EM CONTEXTOS DE TRANSIÇÃO TECNOLÓGICA Communication and organizational culture in the contexts of technology transition

Friedland, L., Shah, D.V., Lee, N-J., Rademacher, M.A., Atkinson, L. and Hove, T. (2007) “Capital, Consumption, Communication, and Citizenship: The Social Positioning of Taste and Civic Culture in the United States,” The Annals of the Americ

تأثيرات متقابل نيشابور و راه ابريشم در دوره ساساني / The Interactions between Nishapur and the Silk Road in the Sasanian Period

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Y. Frenkel, “Is There an Islamic Space? -- Urban and Social Issues, as Reflected in the Qadi Courts of Egypt and Syria (13th-16th Centuries)”, in Y. Lev (ed.) Towns and Material Culture in the Medieval Middle East (Leiden: Brill, 2002), pp.

“Hulbuk: architecture and material culture of the capital of the Banijurids in central asia (ninth–eleventh centuries)”, Muqarnas, An Annual on the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World, vol. 29, pp. 385-421.

Peter Brown, “‘Charismatic’ Goods: Commerce, Diplomacy, and Cultural Contacts along the Silk Road in Late Antiquity,” in Nicola Di Cosmo and Michael Maas, eds., Empires and Exchanges in Eurasian Late Antiquity: Rome, China, Iran, and the

Review of W. D. WARD (Ed.), The Socio-economic History and Material Culture of the Roman and Byzantine Near East. Essays in Honor of S. Thomas Parker. Piscataway, 2017. XLII – 391 p.

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