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Examples of the collations for earlier Chinese Buddhist translations (2011), 漢譯佛典校勘舉例

The Phrase dharmaparyāyo hastagato in Mahāyāna Buddhist Literature: Rethinking the Cult of the Book in Middle Period Indian Mahāyāna Buddhism

“Rejoicing wholeheartedly” – A Chinese Buddhist text in Uigur transcription

“Cancer’s Revelations: Malignancies and Therapies in a Recent Chinese Novel.” _Literature and Medicine_ 28.2 (Fall 2009): 351-70.

Pattern Recognition and Analysis in the Chinese Buddhist Canon: A Study of “Original Enlightenment”.

Postsocialist Modernity: Chinese Cinema, Literature, and Criticism in the Market Age [DOWNLOAD]

Luis O. Gomez and Jonathan A Silk (ed.): Studies in the literature of the Great Vehicle: Three Mahāyāna Buddhist texts. (Michigan Studies in Buddhist Literature, 1.) xv, 240 pp. Ann Arbor: Collegiate Institute for the Study of Buddhist Literat

The concept of sādhana in Chinese Buddhist logic

中文族譜文獻資訊化之比較研究 = Documenting and Digitizing Chinese Genealogical Literature: a Survey of Current Status and Related Sites on the Web

Ebook download The Bureaucracy of Han Times (Cambridge Studies in Chinese History Literature and Institutions) For Android

“Mapping Chinese Buddhist Monasteries: A Relational Database of Seventeenth-century Chinese Buddhism.”

2009. “久如”探源 (On the Origin of the Interrogative jiǔrú in Chinese Buddhist Translations) published in 漢語史學報/Journal of Chinese Historical Linguistics, vol.8, pp. 226-233

漢譯佛典的語言研究 [A Study of the Language of the Chinese Buddhist Translations](2009)

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