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Modelos macroeconómicos en la Argentina: del stop and go al go and crush

Microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra fine grained Cu–Zn and Cu–Al alloys produced by cryorolling and annealing

Review of Miriam Goldstein, Karaite Exegesis in Medieval Jerusalem: The Judeo-Arabic Pentateuch Commentary of Yūsuf ibn Nūḥ and Abū al-Faraj Hārūn (Texts and Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Judaism, 26), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011

Rules of Enjoining Al-Ma'rûf and forbidding Al-Munkar

Detection of order-disorder in pyroxenes of the jadeite-diopside series via XAS at the CaNa and MgAl K-Edges

Review: Early Islam between Myth and History: Al-Hasan al-Basrī (d. 110 H/728 CE) and the Formation of His Legacy

Modern Arabic Rithaʾ between the Secular and the Religious: The Perception of Homeland and Islam Nizār Qabbānī’s Qaṣīdat Bilqīs and ʿIṣām al-ʿAṭṭār’s Qaṣīdat Banān

Vaz' İlmi ve Unkûdu'z-zevâhir (Ali Kuşçu) [The Science of Wad' and Unkûd al-Zawâhir]

Post-Avicennian Controversy over the Problem of Universals. Saʿdaddīn at-Taftāzānī (d. 1389/90) and Šamsaddīn al-Fanārī (d. 1431) on the Reality of Existence

Islam’s Encounter with English and Ismail al-Faruqi’s Concept of Islamic English: A Postcolonial Reading

Internal structure of clusters of partially coherent nanocrystallites in Cr–Al–N and Cr–Al–Si–N coatings

Some consequences of the partial crystallographic coherence between nanocrystalline domains in Ti–Al–N and Ti–Al–Si–N coatings

Yosef Tobi, Зālôm (Sālim) al-Зabazī’s (seventeenth-century) poem of the debate between coffee and qāt, Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 38 (2008): 301–310

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