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Antonín Hejna: Archeologie v historickém areálu města Chebu / Archeology in the historical area of Cheb

Дуда як брэнд (ЛіМ, 19.04.2013) // Bagpipe as a brand (in Belarusian)

‘The Changes of Indian Ritualism: Yajña versus Pūjā’, Archeology and Text: The Temple in South Asia. (OUP, 2009), 205-231.

17. Nikolaeva N.A. Safronov V.A. and his discoveries in archeology. Annotation to his publications / Indo-European history in the light of new discoveries. Moscow, 2010.|| Николаева Н.А. Аннотация к работам В.А. С

Значимость религии в белорусском обществе: оценка верующих [Importance of religion in the Belarusian society based on the believers’ assessments]

(SPA 31a) 3D data Capturing and Processing in Underwater Archeology: Presentation and Evaluation. Part one: Report / Zajem in obdelava 3D podatkov v podvodni arheologiji: predstavitev in evalvacija Prvi del: Poročilo

“The Neo-Assyrian Glyptic from Tell Masaikh : preliminary Results” in P. Matthiae, F. Pinnock, L. Nigro, N. Marchetti (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on the Archeology of Ancient Near East, University La Sapienza, Wiesba

Ucrainian-Belarusian five-linear Irmologions in the Sistem of the Russian Singing Books (last third of the 17th - half past of the 18th cc.) (In Russian) Украино-белорусские нотнолинейные Ирмологионы в

Груша, А. Невядомая грамата Фёдара Карыятавіча за 1391 г. // Беларускі гістарычны агляд=Belarusian Historical Review. – 2001. – Т. 8, сш. 1/2. – С. 123–135.

THE VISEGRAD GROUP AND BELARUS — THE POTENTIAL FOR COOPERATION WITHIN THE EUROPEAN CONTEXT. In: Dynko, Andrej (ed.): The Generation Gap, or Belarusian Differences in Goals, Values and Strategy, pp. 77-89

Postmodernizm ve Tanrı'nın Ölümü: Öznenin Arkeolojisi Üzerine Bir Deneme Postmodernism and The Death of God: A Treatise on the Archeology of Subject


Savromathian problem in the scythian-sarmathian archeology. Савроматская проблема в скифо-сарматской археологии

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