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Revolutionary Lawyering? On Lawyers’ Social Responsibility and Roles during a Democratic Revolution

TÜRK TOPLUM HAYATINDA YAŞATILAN KAHVE VE KAHVEHANE KÜLTÜRÜ (BİR SÖZLÜ KÜLTÜR VE SOSYAL ÇEVRE EĞİTİMİ ÇALIŞMASI) Coffee and Coffeehouse Culture in Turkish Society (A Verbal Culture and Social Environmental Education Study)

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa

Altérité linguistique de l'Autre social : les maux étrangers de la littérature post-industrielle

Neo – desarrollismo y rol del Estado (Argentina 2003 – 2010)


HALK KÜLTÜRÜ BAĞLAMINDA KAHVEHANELERİN TOPLUMSAL VE MEKÂNSAL DÖNÜŞÜMLERİ DİYARBAKIR KENT ÖRNEĞİ Social and Spatial Transformations of Coffee Houses Within The Context of Folk Culture: The Case of Diyarbakır

Bartl, G. & Wählisch, M. (2013). SAFEST. Social-Area Framework for Early Security Triggers at Airports. Vortrag. BMBF-Fachworkshop Sicherheit im Luftverkehr , Düsseldorf, 9. Juli 2013.

Fear, Estrangement and the Sublime Moment in Hugo Santiago’s _Invasión_ (Argentina, 1969).

Conseil Économique et Social

Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services From Burial Societies to Mutual Aid Organizations: The Role of Idirs—Traditional Burial Societies in Ethiopia—In Ensuring Community-Level Care and Protection of Vulnerable Children

Baxter-Webb, J. (2014) ‘YouTube as play archive: antagonising the social “Other” in online console games’

Poor women’s migration to the city. The attraction of the Amsterdam health care and social assistance in early modern times

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