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الدولة والتعدد المذهبي: ما البديل عن سياسة التأزيم؟ The State and Religious Sects Pluralism in Yemen: Alternative for Religiious Crises?

- Örmeci, Ozan (2014), “Pluralism vs. Corporatism”, Uluslararası Politika Akademisi

Pluralism and Identity in the Indonesian-Malay World: The Isra’ Mi`rāj as a token of both. Studia Islamika 11/3, 2004

A response to Christianity today an the article calling for a mutual “pluralism” between Hinduism and Christianity by Rudolph P Boshoff

Vigilantes and Gangsters in Indonesian Politics and Public Space: A Threat to the Country´s Democracy, Pluralism and Human Rights

Comments on Marilyn Fischer’s “Addams on Cultural Pluralism, European Immigrants, and African Americans”

About For Books Anti-Pluralism: The Populist Threat to Liberal Democracy (Politics and Culture Series) by William A. Galston Free

The Humanistic implications of Qur’an 3:64 for religious pluralism

Din Kültürü ve Ahlak Bilgisi Dersleri Bağlamında Çoğulculuk-Yapılandırmacılık İlişkisi; Pluralism and Constructivism Relation in the Context of Religious Culture and Ethics Knowledge Courses, International Journal of Religious Scien

The conundrum of pluralism and the doctrine of the margin of appreciation: the crucifix “affair” and the ambivalence of the ECtHR

Jewish legal pluralism and variation: the preffered attitude (Hebrew) ריבוי וגיוון הלכתי - לכתחילה, משלב מב

‘Media Freedom and Pluralism’ in the European Communication Policies: a critical approach

Pluralismo político y manipulación en los programas informativos de Canal 9, durante la precampaña electoral de 2011 en la Comunidad Valenciana - Political pluralism and handling on news programs on Canal 9, during the election pre-campaign o

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