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Menaces à la sécurité des composants RFID de l’architecture EPCglobal

La nueva Francia: una oportunidad perdida . Reseña de Wojciech Lesnikowski, 'The New French Architecture' (Rizzoli, Nueva York, 1990). 'Arquitectura Viva' (Madrid), nº 17, 1991.3-4, p. 45.

Dessins d'architecture du XIXe siècle PDF - Télécharger, Lire TÉLÉCHARGER LIRE ENGLISH VERSION DOWNLOAD READ. Description

KRAUSZ 2018 L'art de la fortification celtique : architecture et ingénierie des systèmes défensifs

Newer Architecture – from Modernization and Destruction to Distorted Representation, in Artistic Heritage of the Serbian People in Kosovo and Metohija, Belgrade 2017

Eva Šamánková: Příspěvek k poznání románské architektury v Čechách / Contribution to the Knowledge of Romanesque Architecture in Bohemia

La lumière dans l architecture

Doreen Yarwood: perdida por Europa . Reseña de Doreen Yarwood, 'The Architecture of Europe' (Batsford, Londres, 1991-1992). 'Arquitectura Viva' (Madrid), nº 28, 1992.1-2, p. 78.

Mémoire de fin d études pour l obtention du diplôme de Master en Architecture

The Archaeological Sublime: History and Architecture in Piranesi’s Drawings - Master of Science in Architecture

DesignofScalableArchitectureforTopic‐BasedWebServiceNotificationusingPublish‐ SubscribeModel;K.Palanivel&S.KuppuswamiPP[39‐53] DESIGN OF SCALABLE ARCHITECTURE FOR TOPIC-BASED WEB SERVICE NOTIFICATION USING PUBLISH-SUBSCRIBE MODEL

Architecture des ordinateurs : Codage binaire et hexadécimal Arithmétique des processeurs (J1IN4001)

“Justinian’s Hagia Sophia, angels and restlessness, “ in Radical Marble. Architecture and innovation from antiquity to the present, co-edited with J. Nicholas Napoli, Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2018, 23-42

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