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Black Ships and Sea Raiders: History, Archaeology, and Odyssey in the Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Transition

J. Schibler, E. Breitenlechner, S. Deschler-Erb et al., Miners and mining in the Late Bronze Age: a multidisciplinary study from Austria. ANTIQUITY 85 (2011): 1259–1278.

Amir Sumaka’i Fink, “Levantine Standardized Luxury in the Late Bronze Age: Waste Management at Tell Atchana (Alalakh).” In A. Fantalkin and A. Yasur-Landau (eds.), Bene Israel: Studies in the Archaeology of Israel and the Levant during the

Løvschal, M. & Holst, M.K. 2014. Repeating boundaries: Repertoires of landscape regulations in southern Scandinavia in the Late Bronze Age and Pre-Roman Iron Age. Danish Journal of Archaeology 3(2), 95-118 /DOI: 10.1080/21662282.2014.990311

'A stroll along the corniche? Coastal routes between the Nile Delta and Cyrenaica in the Late Bronze Age' in Förster & Riemer 'Desert Road Archaeology in Ancient Egypt and Beyond'

H. Di Giuseppe, Hannibal’s Legacy and Black Glaze Ware in Lucania, in F. Colivicchi (ed), Between Magna Graecia and Rome: local cultures of South Italy and Sicily in the Late Republican period, Conference Proceedings RAC 2009 (Ann Arbor - Mich

Review of: Whiting, Ch. M. 2007. Complexity and Diversity in the Late Iron Age Southern Levant: The Investigations of ‘Edomite’ Archaeology and Scholarly Discourse. Oxford. In: Palestine Exploration Quarterly 142-2 (2010), 146-151.

Call for Papers “Contested Heritage: adaptation, restoration and innovation in the Late Antique and Byzantine world”, OUBS International Graduate Conference 22-23/02/2019, History Faculty, University of Oxford

Differentiating Naval Warfare and Piracy in the Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Mediterranean: Possibility or Pipe Dream?

Martin, M.A.S. 2011a. Egyptian-Type Pottery at Late Bronze Age Megiddo. In: Finkelstein, I. and Na’aman, N., eds. The Fire Signals of Lachish: Studies in the Archaeology and History of Israel in the Late Bronze Age, Iron Age and Persian Period

Free pDF Blue-Chip Black: Division and Unity in the Black Middle Class - Karyn R. Lacy [Ready]

free download [pdf] Seagoing Ships and Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant (Ed Rachal Foundation N

[GIFT IDEAS] Ships and Men in the Late Viking Age: The Vocabulary of Runic Inscriptions and Skaldic Verse by Judith Jesch

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