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Тракийският воин. Проучвания върху военната и социалната история на древна Тракия. / The Thracian Warrior. A Study in Military and Social History of Ancient Thrace. В. Тър

Object life-cycles, edge-wear analysis and the study of ancient metal artefacts, with A. Bruno in A. Kordas and L. Filippaki (eds) ‘History, Technology and Conservation of Ancient Metals, Glasses and Enamels. Athens: National Centre of Scienti

co-authored with Roy J. King, “Genetics and the Archaeology of Ancient Israel.” Human Biology 85/6 (2013):925-39.

Rodin and the art of ancient Greece (British Museum) [DOWNLOAD]

[RED AND BLACK: THE COLOR SYMBOLYSM IN THE NAMES OF THE SEAS in the Light of Comparative Mythology and Ethnic History of Ancient and Mediaeval Eurasia] Красное и Черное: цветовая символика в названиях м

XIV International Clay Conference, Association Internationale pour l'Etude des Argiles, Castellaneta Marina ; titolo del poster: “Archaeometric Studies of Ancient Ceramics from the Roman Villa of Aiano-Torraccia di Chiusi (Siena, Itali

“George Salting (1835-1909) and the discovery of Islamic ceramics in 19th-century England”

Szkíta kori vasfegyverek mikroszerkezete és készítési jellemzői./The Micro-Structure and Manufacturing Characteristics of Scythian Age Iron Weapons (2014)

Dextrarum Iunctio şi studiul bijuteriilor în epoca romană. Un melanj între istoria artei, epigrafie, numismatică, gliptică şi studiul bijuteriilor. Dextrarum Iunctio and the study of ancient roman jewelery. A mix between art history, epig

“Making, Using, Engendering Ancient Greek Vases”, in The Gender of Technology and the Technology of Gender , ed. M. Rentetzi (Athens: Ekdosis Ekkremes, 2013, in Greek), 253-79.

2011. Mineralogical analysis and provenancing of ancient ceramics using automated SEM-EDS analysis (QEMSCAN®): a pilot study on LB I pottery from Akrotiri, Thera

Η διαδικασία παραγωγής Υστερομινωικών ΙΙI λαρνάκων και ένα 'έργαστήριο' της Μεσαράς/ The manufacturing technology of Late Minoan III larnakes and a ‘workshop’ in the Mesar

Best [TOP] Stargate Conspiracy, The: The Truth About Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Best Sellers Rank : #3 complete

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