Fermat Last Theorem in a Nutshell, Gerome Taillandier


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  1 Fermat last theorem THEOR : (p  q)  (~p  ~q) SCHEME: IF Ex FLT(abc)   Ex rey  IF Ex   NO TSW IF NO TSW   NO FLTsolution Serre SUPPOSE Ex Wiles THEN contrad!   NO FLT solution QED « Ex » for « Exist ».  2 DEMONSTRATION: BUT TSW defined! BUT Frey defined! IF Ex FLT(abc) ----------------- THEN Ex ( 1 Frey) THEN IF ~E F  ------------------- THEN NO FLT IF SLRC defined (2 Serre) IF SLR--------------------------- THEN NO TSW BUT SLR! (3 Mazur-Ribet) THEN IF Ex ------------------- THEN NO TSW THEN (IF (NO TSW) THEN (Ex )) THEN NO FLT! Let ’ s suppose exist!------ THEN NO FLT! IF (abc), p>/= 5------------- THEN curve is semistable (4 Wiles curve) BUT MazurRibet THEOR! THEN N = Artinconductor BUT N = 2!   3 THEN  f pertains to S 2 (1) BUT S 2 = {0} ! (2) THEN contrad! THEN ~E (abc)   NO THEN FLT! QED
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