A Film Essay on “4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days” which analyses the Subjection and Individual Freedom of Gabita and Otilia

A 1,290word film essay which analyzed the subjection and individual freedom of the female characters in the film "4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days." The essay was part of a Philosophy course which was instructed by Professor Janna Van Grunsven

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  Mr. Matthew S. Shepler Professor Janna Van GrunsvenPHIL 100010 May 2015A !l" #ssay on $% Months& ' (ee)s& an* 2 +ays, wh!-h analyses the Su/e-t!on an* In*!v!*ualree*o" of Ga!ta an* t!l!a Introduction  In h!s ph!losoph!-al tet The Subjection of Women, John Stuart M!ll arues that the "oral!ty of /ust!-e "ust not only !n-lu*e e3ual!ty a"on the sees& ut also sy"pathy an* fa"!lystru-ture. (hen apply!n th!s ph!losoph!-al thouht to the f!l"& $% Months& ' (ee)s& an* 2 +ays&, we -an see that Ga!ta an* t!l!a l!ve !n a re!on of the worl* where "oral!ty rest "ore alon the l!nes of an $ol!at!on to su"!t to power, rather than a r!ht 4M!ll& %6. 7here& so"e wo"en "ay e !nfluen-e* to su/e-t the"selves to super!or "ales who are ev!l !n -hara-ter  e-ause of !ne3ual!ty a"on the sees wh!-h !s -o""on !n pla-es l!)e 8o"an!a. 7he su/e-t!on of Ga!ta an* t!l!a le* to an un/ust l!fe. Ma!nly& e-ause of the fa-t that Mr. 9ee persua*e* Ga!ta to un*ero an !lleal la-):"ar)et aort!on. #ven thouh the !lleal "e*!-al pro-e*ure !nvolve* ser!ous r!s)s;r!s)s that relate* to health an* law;Ga!ta st!ll *e-!*e* to su/e-t herself to Mr. 9ee. (!th that !n "!n*& th!s paper see)s to not only analy<e the su/e-t!on of wo"en w!th!n 8o"an!a& ut also answer the follow!n 3uest!on= $*oes f!l" e*u-ate people aout ph!losoph!-al theor!es "ore than tet>, Argumentative  7h!s aru"ent -ontra*!-ts the fa-t that Ga!ta?s su/e-t!on was ol!ate* y support!n the thouht that Ga!ta eer-!se* her r!ht to su/e-t to Mr. 9ee. In fa-t& the su/e-t!on of Ga!ta "ay have een !nfluen-e* y t!l!a when she ean to epla!n that Mr. 9ee was a well:)nown "e*!-al pra-t!-!an who spe-!al!<e* !n aort!ons. Mr. 9ee wasn?t /ust a super!or when -o"pare* to Ga!ta& ut "ay have also een per-e!ve* as an e*u-ate* person who atta!ne*  Shepler, Page 2  profess!onal )nowle*e that relate* to the f!el* of "e*!-al pra-t!-e. Mr. 9ee ean to epla!n toGa!ta that su/e-t!n to the aort!on woul* e alr!ht e-ause he woul* e the one who woul*  e at r!s) w!th the law. After Ga!ta prepare* for the !lleal pro-e*ure& Mr. 9ee ean pro!n Ga!ta for pr!vate !nfor"at!on that relate* to the *urat!on of t!"e !n:etween per!o*s. Ga!ta then prov!*e* the !nfor"at!on to Mr. 9ee& as he then a*v!se* youn Ga!ta to prepare for the "e*!-al pro-e*ure. The Subjection of Gabita  7he su/e-t!on of Ga!ta was !nfluen-e* y the !ne3ual!ty of sees an* reat r!s)s to Ga!ta an* t!l!a wh!-h "ay have en*anere* the!r free*o"& as well as Ga!ta?s health. Ga!ta epla!ne* that she *!*n?t have the *es!re to pro-ee* w!th an !lleal "e*!-al pro-e*ure;wh!-h& therefore& *!*n?t -reate the "etaphor!-al "ot!on to su/e-t to the super!or f!ure who was o!n to -on*u-t an !lleal aort!on to her o*y. Ga!ta?s la-) of *es!re to have the !lleal aort!on -ause* a nervous e"ot!on *ur!n her su/e-t!on. Mr. 9ee -o"pla!ne* when Ga!ta an* t!l!a -oul*n?t prov!*e enouh "oney to pay for the aort!on. In fa-t& Mr. 9ee ean epress!n aner wh!-h !n-rease* h!s super!or role. Mr. 9ee epla!ne* to Ga!ta an* t!lla that they were the one?s see)!n the !lleal aort!on. Ga!ta then showe* "ore !ntense -hara-ter!st!-s of !nfer!orness& an* even su/e-te* herself further. Ga!ta?s su/e-t!on was natural to her !nfer!or -hara-ter. In fa-t& the "ore Ga!ta su/e-te*& the "ore Mr. 9ee woul* "a)e her feel l!)e an !nfer!or;"a!nly& y epla!n!n reater r!s)s w!th the law wh!-h persua*e* Ga!ta an* t!lla to th!n) that they were the ones to la"e for the !lleal a-t!v!ty. 7hereafter& Ga!ta staye* !n the roo" alone to re:-ooperate fro" the !lleal aort!on. The Subjection of Otilia  Shepler, Page 3  A*! showe* pro"!se of treat!n t!l!a l!)e an e3ual e-ause of the fa-t that he was "ore oo* !n -hara-ter when -o"pare* to the ev!l -hara-ter of Mr. 9ee. 7h!s thouht was supporte*  y fa-t that A*! epla!ne* to t!l!a that h!s solut!on woul* have een "arr!ae. t!l!a su/e-te* herself "ore to Ga!ta than she *!* to A*!& ut proaly e-ause !t e-a"e her ol!at!on. 7o epla!n& t!l!a "a*e proress towar* etter e3ual!ty when she travele* a-) to Ga!ta?s hotel roo" an* *!spose* of a *ea* -h!l*?s -orpse;t!l!a?s -r!"e was her !nvolve"ent w!th the "ur*er of an unorn -h!l*. Here& the $v!-e of @eausesa!s 8o"an!an *!-tor!al state, 4Grunsven6 was ea"ple* when analy<!n t!l!a?s !nvolve"ent w!th the "ur*er an* *!sposal of an unorn -h!l*. After hav!n lun-h at a pul!- -af& Ga!ta as)e* t!l!a what she *!* w!th the *ea* -orpse. or th!s reason& t!l!a proaly l!ve* w!th a lot of nervous e"ot!ons later her l!fe when refle-t!n  a-) to e!n asso-!ate* w!th Mr. 9ee& an* re-olle-t!n the pro!n of Ga!ta?s pr!vate !nfor"at!on. Conclusion  #ven thouh the r!s)s that relate* to !lleal "e*!-al pra-t!-e woul* have "a*e Ga!ta Mr.9ee?s ol!at!on& Ga!ta epresse* e"ot!ons that supporte* the !*ea that she felt ol!ate* to su/e-t to the !lleal aort!on. 7o support th!s -la!"& Ga!ta epresse* a la-) of *es!re for the !lleal aort!on wh!-h prevente* her "etaphor!-al "ot!on of su/e-t!on to Mr. 9ee?s !lleal "e*!-al pra-t!-e. After t!l!a an* Mr. 9ee use* "oney& r!s)s& an* super!orness to help  persua*e Ga!ta to su/e-t& Ga!ta f!nally su/e-te* to the !lleal "e*!-al pra-t!-e of Mr. 9ee. 7he !lleal la-):"ar)et s-he"e pose* reat threats to the!r free*o"& health& an* even supporte* an !ne3ual!ty of sees w!th!n the 8o"an!an re!on. #ven thouh th!s was the -ase& Ga!ta was ale to preserve her future y restr!-t!n herself fro" the r!ht to !ve !rth to her own -h!l*. In other wor*s& she e-a"e ol!ate* to fulf!ll an !lleal -ovenant w!th Mr. 9ee.  Shepler, Page 4  #ven thouh part of Ga!ta?s su/e-t!on was !nfluen-e* y t!l!a& !n a pla-e l!)e 8o"an!a& so"et!"es a wo"an "ay nee* to su/e-t herself to another wo"an to prote-t her fro" *anerous r!s)s;r!s)s that "ay e for-e* unto the wo"an fro" a super!or "ale who *on?t  per-e!ve h!s !nfer!ors as an ol!at!on. 7he -hara-ter of the "ale;e!ther oo* or ev!l;"ay also have an !nfluen-e on the su/e-t!on of a wo"an. Super!or "ales who !nha!t the re!on of 8o"an!a "ay use the law to persua*e wo"en that "ales are the super!or e!n wh!-h -ont!nues to !nfluen-e the!r su/e-t!on towar* a $v!-e of @eausesa!s 8o"an!an *!-tor!al state, 4Grunsven6. 7o prov!*e "ore support to th!s -la!"& t!l!a?s su/e-t!on for-e* her to *!spose of a *ea* -h!l*?s -orpse so that she -oul* save her own free*o";t!l!a?s -r!"e was her !nvolve"ent w!th the "ur*er& an* hen the *!sposal of a *ea* -h!l*B 7he *ar) l!ht!n an* so-!al surroun*!n of the alley helpe* *!splay the se-re-y an* r!s)s that was !nvolve* w!th *!spos!n the *ea* -h!l*?s -orpse. Also& the f!l" *e"onstrate* Ga!ta?s la-) of *es!re an* "etaphor!-al "ot!on to su/e-t when she was hes!tant an* showe* nervous e"ot!ons to Mr. 9ee. 7o -o"e to a -on-lus!on& !n an env!ron"ent that supports !ne3ual!ty a"on the sees& Ga!ta an* t!l!a turne* away fro" the *!re-t!on of fa"!ly stru-ture& as Ga!ta  e-a"e ol!ate* to su/e-t to a "ale who pose* to e ev!l !n -hara-ter. 7o epla!n "ore& Ga!ta aorte* her -h!l*& as t!l!a *eparte* fro" A*! who !nv!te* her !nto h!s fa"!ly an* even "ent!one* "arr!ae. 7houh& !n rear*s to -o"par!n the learn!n out-o"e fro" ph!losoph!-al tets an* f!l"s& th!s essay shows that tets "ay e*u-ate people "ore on ph!losoph!-al theor!es&  ut f!l" "ay help a stu*ent atta!n a further un*erstan*!n than he or she -o"prehen*s fro" stu*y!n a ph!losoph!-al tet.8esour-es  Shepler, Page 5 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days. +!r. @hr!st!an Mun!u. Perf. le Mutu& M!haela Poenaru& +ana 9unes-u& @hr!st!nel S!rl!& Ph!ll!p Avr!l& Ale 7eo*ores-u. I@ !l"s& 200C. +v*.Grunsven& Janna Van. $top!- of f!l" essay., Messae to Matthew Shepler. 0' May 2015. #:"a!l.M!ll& John Stuart. The Subjection of Women. In*!anapol!s= Ha-)ett Pul!sh!n @o"pany& 1DEE. Pr!nt.
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